The Association L’Oeuvre Saint-Jeannaise

For children’s holidays in the mountains and by the sea.

It is a non-profit French registered organisation ‘loi 1901’ registered since 7th October 1957 (renewed 14th October 2009).

The statutes of the association provide for and facilitate the organisation of holidays for school children from state primary schools
and from low-income families who live in the canton of Saint-Jean-en-Royans, France.

Their founding values:

  • The instigation, strengthening and maintenance of social cohesion/bonds.
  • The social welfare of the children and their families.
  • Secularity
  • Hospitality and tolerance to others
  • A shared culture

In 1958, The Association had the opportunity to purchase a parcel of land just outside the town of Saint-Tropez enabling them to pursue their mission of organising sea-side holidays for the local children.

In 1992, the accommodation installation at Saint-Tropez was converted into a holiday centre designed to cater for social tourism
and the family sector. They opened their bookings to company social committees offering the possibility of holidaying in the lesser known side of Saint-Tropez.

The association allocates subsidies:

  • Holidays for school children (classes de mer & colonies)
  • Holidays for low-income families (grants from VACAF, ANCV, & for families from the canton of Saint-Jean-en-Royans, France)
  • Seniors (holidays organised by volunteers from the Association)
    A special reduction is granted for all residents from the canton of Saint-Jean-en-Royans, France.

Rue des Écoles
26190 Saint-Jean-en-Royans
Tél. : + 33 (0)4 75 71 27 20